25 DIY Family Halloween Costumes That Are Cheap to Make

25 DIY Family Halloween Costumes That Are Cheap to Make

Halloween is fun! But preparing for it can be stressful – and if you buy or hire costumes, it can work out quite expensive too. Making your own costumes adds to the family fun of Halloween – and we’ve found some fabulous ideas for cheap Halloween costumes that range from the cute to the chilling.

DIY Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

Moms-to-be: there is absolutely no reason for you to be left out in the cold this Halloween. Make your baby bump part of your Halloween look and enjoy a giggle with this clever, fun, and above all, cheap ideas.

Escaping Baby

No, it’s not gory. It’s cute and it’s fun. All you need is a white t-shirt and a baby doll and maybe a bit of hot glue if you want to add the cauldron or a toy broomstick to baby’s accessories. Perfect for ladies with a bump, you can also use it as a costume if you’re planning to tell friends and family about a pregnancy this Halloween.

Supplies: baby doll ($12.99)

Escaping Baby Halloween CostumeEscaping Baby Halloween Costume

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Mummy-to-Be Costume

There’s no mistaking that you’re a mummy to be in this costume. Use bandages or even strips of fabric from worn white sheets. Now, all you need to complete your costume is a pair of cute eyes peeping out from between your wrappings at tummy height.

Mummy-to-Be Halloween CostumeMummy-to-Be Halloween Costume

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Pregnant Skeleton

A skeleton costume is easy if you have black clothes and white fabric paint – but you can add a new twist to the theme by adding a baby skeleton at bump height. You need a little time to stencil out your skeleton neatly, but the result will be worth the bit of extra effort.

Pregnant Skeleton Halloween CostumePregnant Skeleton Halloween Costume

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Devilled Egg Costume

You have to love this humorous costume. Devil horns and tail are cheap, and you can adapt them to other costumes in the future. Now, all you need is some pasteboard, string, and a yellow tee-shirt. Cut the pasteboard to make the egg white, and cut a hole for the egg yolk (your tummy)!

Supplies: devil accessory kit costume ($7.50)

Devilled Egg Halloween CostumeDevilled Egg Halloween Costume

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Avocado Maternity Costume

You can really go to town making this one by following the tutorial to the letter – or you can just get creative with your own method. You’re aiming for a sliced avocado shape with – you guessed it – your baby bump for the avocado pit!

Avocado Maternity Halloween CostumeAvocado Maternity Halloween Costume

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DIY Babywear Halloween Costumes

Baby’s first Halloween is a special occasion, so baby can’t be a party-pooper. Try these simple but effective Halloween costumes for baby. They’re as cute as can be and they definitely won’t break your budget.

Popcorn Baby Costume

Dress up a baby sling to look like a popcorn carton. A white cap with some popcorn pre-attached with hot glue and your bouncing baby becomes the popcorn in the carton. Now, if mom dresses up as a popcorn vendor, they’re a perfect pair.

Popcorn Baby Halloween CostumePopcorn Baby Halloween Costume

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Devil and Angel Costume

Mom’s going to be super-hot in red as the devil of the pair, and she’ll have the devil horns to match. Baby gets to ride cuddled up in a sling – but the angel wings look amazingly realistic. All you need are the horns and the wings.

Supplies: white angel wings ($17.99), devil headband ($12.90)

Devil and Angel Halloween CostumeDevil and Angel Halloween Costume

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Baby Presidential Debate Team Costume

Baby Presidential Debate Team CostumeBaby Presidential Debate Team Costume

Could your baby be the next president of the United States? Let your little boy or girl take the podium with this clever presidential theme for the baby carrier. All it takes is cardboard and creativity. Of course, a bodyguard in a nice jacket and tie with snazzy shades is the ideal costume match for dad.

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Baby Kangaroo Costume

All you need to turn your baby into a baby kangaroo for Halloween is the right hat. With a beanie transformed into a kangaroo cap thanks to felt and hot glue, the baby carrier becomes baby’s kangaroo pouch. And if mommy has her own kangaroo cap on, you have a two-in-one costume solution that looks great! 

DIY Baby Kangaroo CostumeDIY Baby Kangaroo Costume

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Bee and Flower Costume

It’s not a home-made costume, but this baby bee is too sweet for words. For a perfect mamma match, simply be the flower. A large flower on your headband says it all. Halloween buzz never came so easy.

Supplies: honey bee wings ($8.30), flower headband ($9.99), baby carrier sling (starting from $13.92)

DIY Bee and Flower CostumeDIY Bee and Flower Costume

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Humpty Dumpty Costume

Once again, your trusty baby carrier becomes the basis of a Halloween costume. This time, you’ll build a papier-mâché egg that fits onto the carrier. Some paint, a little careful trimming to make sure baby can easily be lifted out of the carrier when needed, and a big paper bow tie to top the egg, and you’re done.

DIY Humpty Dumpty CostumeDIY Humpty Dumpty Costume

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DIY Family Halloween Costumes

Unless your kids have ideas of their own, choosing a family theme for Halloween can be a time and money-saver. All you need to do is match up, share a few basics, and the whole family’s costumes can come together at once.

Incredibles Family Costume 

Red tights with black underwear worn on the outside already sets the superhero theme in motion. Now for some black boots and those cheap superhero masks plus a few trimmings like the DIY Incredibles logo and your superhero family is ready to go!

DIY Incredibles Family Costume DIY Incredibles Family Costume 

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Star Wars Costumes

You don’t get much easier than this combo of Han Solo, Leia, and Luke Skywalker – provided your family can fit the look to start with. White clothes, a couple of toy lightsabers and blasters, and our favorite science fiction characters are good to go. 

Supplies: extendable lightsaber ($7.19)

DIY Star Wars CostumeDIY Star Wars Costume

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Mom, dad, son, and daughter: how to find costumes for everyone. It’s easy if you choose Goldilocks and the three bears and all you need are some big paper bags, some paper plates, and some sheets of craft paper. Have as much fun making your costumes as you will trick or treating.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears CostumesGoldilocks and the Three Bears Costumes

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Football Team Costume

Get sporty with a football team look. Baby gets to steal the show in a brown onesie decorated to look like a football, and even if junior is a bit small for real life football. His uniform looks great. Make pads with foam to give him that real professional look. As for mom and dad – who will be the coach? 

DIY Football Team CostumeDIY Football Team Costume

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Family of Trolls

Wigs and brown or tan clothes; felt “gems” to match each wig: costumes sorted! For such an easy costume combo, this one is mighty effective and tons of fun. You can probably adapt any fun wigs you have around the house to the troll look, but they’re also cheap to buy. 

Supplies: troll wing ($13.99)

DIY Family of Trolls CostumeDIY Family of Trolls Costume

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Mutant Ninja Family Costume 

Your home-made ninja turtle costumes are quick and easy. You need big foil roasting pans, some green spray paint, some string, and various colors of felt for making masks. With a turtle shell on each back and those signature masks in place, it’s easy to see the Turtles are in town.

DIY Mutant Ninja Family Costume DIY Mutant Ninja Family Costume 

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Circus Family Costume 

There are so many circus costume ideas that you can whip up out of things you already have in wardrobes or around the house. This family combo features a strongman, a circus master, a lion, a fire-eater, and a gymnast.

DIY Circus Family Costume DIY Circus Family Costume 

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School Supplies Family Costume

Mom and baby transform into pencil and eraser with this quick and crafty Halloween costume.  What about the rest of the family? With a little imagination, you could take this theme even further.

DIY School Supplies Family CostumeDIY School Supplies Family Costume

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Bandits Family Costume 

If a couple of your family members already have a black and white striped jersey or tee-shirt, you’re halfway there. Make sure everyone’s got their bandit top, team it up with black pants, and now you just need loot bags and masks which are quick and easy to craft.

DIY Bandits Family Costume DIY Bandits Family Costume 

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Monster Family Costume

Mom looks glam and dangerous, Dad is Frankenstein, one of the kids is clearly a mummy, and the baby is the cutest little bat you ever did see. This awesome family costume set can be put together with thrift-store finds, some felt and a few odds and ends. It will take a little planning but it’s worth the effort.

DIY Monster Family CostumeDIY Monster Family Costume

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Mother of Dragons Costume

Halloween won’t be complete without at least one Game of Thrones-themed costume under consideration. This one, for Mom and the little ones, requires a “Mother of Dragons tee” and cute yet cost-effective baby dragon costumes.

Supplies: mother of dragon t-shirt (starting from $14.99), dragon costume (starting from $25.99)

Bonus: 15+ Affordable Ways to Throw an Unforgettable Game of Thrones Party

DIY Mother of Dragons CostumeDIY Mother of Dragons Costume

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Space Family Costume

Creative, quick, cheap but very effective – this space family theme seems ready to reach for the stars. Craft foam, foam balls, and a hot glue gun account for most of the details, and your kids are sure to be swept into a word of fun imagination as they spacemen for Halloween.

Supplies: silver mini dress ($22.99), space patches ($5.99)

DIY Space Family CostumeDIY Space Family Costume

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Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf Costume

It’s as easy as can be for a family which includes a little girl and a dog! A big brother or a dad in a checked shirt is a shoo-in for the woodcutter, and the grandmother is the only member of the cast to add for the story to be complete. Of course, your dog might need slightly more wolf-like ears – or you could decide to be the wolf yourself.

Supplies: red riding hood ($19.99), wolf ear hat ($9.99)

DIY Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf CostumeDIY Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf Costume

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Wizard of Oz Costume

You will be shopping for some of the basics, but that little Dorothy dress is good for everyday wear too. Of course, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow need to come along – and if there’s a willing dog, the Cowardly Lion is easily included in the crew. Most of the DIY goes into the Tin Man costume – so come on Dads! Mom might even help!

Supplies: lion manes,(8.69), scarecrow hat($8.67), Dorothy costume ($18.75)

DIY Wizard of Oz CostumeDIY Wizard of Oz Costume

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DIY Family Halloween CostumesDIY Family Halloween Costumes